PR Services and Campaigns


Rating Agency applies a careful and strategic approach to predict and deal with media crises. We plan in detail for responses to as many potential crises as possible, establish, monitoring systems and practices to detect early warning signals of any foreseeable crisis. We rely on our research data to come up with the most effective strategies to deal with potential threats.


Rating Agency has managed reputations for eminent politicians and has had an important role in shaping their professional careers. The first step in reputation management is monitoring references to a person or organization. This includes media monitoring, as well as all social media related to the person or organization in question.
Read more We also provide guidance in the preparation of official statements, speeches, and communication through all channels. Based on the data we collect from our public opinion research, we can determine which topics will be well received by the target audience, thus should be emphasized and which should be avoided.


Using our expertise we help our candidates choose their audience and strategy. We use our data driven approach to influence the decision making process within each specific group. Our customizable services and our communication efforts are fueled precisely towards closing the gap between you and your target audience and achieving impactful results.
Read moreIn Rating Agency we understand the differences in the content, audiences and the effects of different media types. We combine this knowledge with our research about voter interest, knowledge, engagement and turnout and provide our clients with a complete campaign plan and successful implementation.


Our communication plans aim at facilitating and nurturing the relationship between the government and the public. They include contents to inform the public, explain and provide support for decisions made by the government and defending their values.
Read moreWe also use our deep knowledge and understanding of the target audience to help orienting public opinion, promote the legitimacy of government organizations/actions and contribute to the solidity of social bonds. By identifying the best channels and times for communication, we create audience-centric content that delivers your message and produces maximum engagement.