International CATI Services

Cut your cost by 40% to 60% and get uncompromised quality and security!
Our clients report an average of 47% cut in their cost! Our goal is to provide you with employees that will work with you as easy as if they were working in your local office.Quality of fieldwork is one of our most important foundations: all processes within the Rating Agency call centers are focused towards conducting telephonic interviews as effective and efficient as possible. 


Having specialized in market research and surveys methodologies, we are most proficient in CATI services regardless of the industry in German, Swiss, English, French, Italian, Greek, Russian, Albanian and all Balkan languages. Our core team is the German speaking team of agents. Most of our agents are native or fluent in German, working for clients in Germany and Switzerland. This team has grown rapidly in the past couple of years.

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In the last 10 years we have conducted studies for domestic and international clients in the following industries and areas:
o Banking and finance
o Advertising and Branding
o E commerce
o Education
o FMCG and Tobacco
o Telecommunications
o Business services
o Media
o Non profit
o Politics

Our International partners:

Our portfolio of clients which have trusted our team ranges from middle sized research firms in Germany and Switzerland to large international research companies.

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o ACE International
o ForschungsWerk
o IFF International
o GfK
o Neomobile
o Anders Consulting

Our end clients: